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M A Information;H atannim - 22 october 2019

10/06/2019 06:55:33 PM





Hatan Méonah : Jacob Crudo

Hatan Torah : Nino Saad

Hatan Béréchit : Selim Sasson


Dear Hatannim

Maghen Abraham is glad to honor you by being our 3 Hatannim. this Simhat Torah .5780

Your names will be officially announced at the Neila on Wednesday evening


Some details about that Mitzvah

On Monday October 21st, we ask you to be present around 6 pm to celebrate with us the Hakafot . Each one of you will  carry a Torah and sing one Hakafa that includes Hashem Melekh, Hashem Malakh, Hashem Ymlokh Leolam Vaed

Great Party , lots of fun


On Tuesday the 22nd of october

You will invite your families and friends to share with you that great Simha.

We supply the candies to be thrown at you when you are called to the Torah

We bring out 3 Sefarim, Hatan Méonah will carry the first one, Hatan Torah the second and Hatan Bereschit the 3rd torah; You will be sitting at the Teba, and the Hazzanim will dance with you when you are called to the Torah

At the end of the prayers each one of you will receive a small sefer Torah in silver with your name and date engraved on it. as a souvenir to keep from that  memorable day

After the prayers and the Hakafot, we go upstairs to the Ainatbi Hall for a royal luncheon

offered in participation with the 3 Hatannim  ($ 800.00 each) and Maghen Abraham  for the big balance ..

1 big cake with your name on it will be at your table, Each Hatan will have 2 tables reserved for his families and friends


May this Mitzvah, of marrying the Torah, bring Health, happiness, peace and Parnassa to you and you families . Amen






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Tue, March 31 2020 6 Nisan 5780