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M A Weekly - Bulletin Oct 22nd 2022 - SHABBAT MEVARCHIM - BERESHIT - TISHREI 27 5783

10/21/2022 02:20:23 PM




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Saturday @MAGHEN  - SHABBAT 

Perasha - Exodus 33:12-34:26; Numbers 29:26-31

Haftara -  Ezekiel 38:18-39:16

- 9:00am Shaharit 

- 10am Torah


- Mincha 5:30Pm @MAGHEN followed by Arvit  

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Table of contents


1) Perashat Hashavoua - Rabbi Eli Mansour

2) Halakhat Hashavoua (Halakhot related to day to day life)

Meaning of puting on Tefilin - Hazzan David Azerad

3) Holy Jokes!




 This Week's Parasha Insight with Rabbi Eli Mansour

Parashat Bereshit: The Light Will Shine

The opening verses of Parashat Bereshit tell that at the time of the beginning of the world’s creation, "the earth was ‘Tohu Va’bohu’" – meaning, filled with confusion and nothingness – "and there was darkness upon the deep." Then G-d proclaimed, "Let there be light," and light was created.

The Or Ha’haim Ha’kadosh (Rav Haim Ben-Attar, 1696-1743) explains these verses as an allusion to the Jewish Nation’s exile. The expression "Tohu Va’bohu" in Gematria equals 430 – thus alluding to the 430-year period from the time G-d informed Abraham about the Egyptian exile until Beneh Yisrael’s redemption from Egypt. Moreover, the Aramaic Targum Onkelos translation of the Torah translates the word "Bohu" as "Rekanaya" ("emptiness"), which alludes to the Babylonian exile. The prophet Yirmiyahu (51:34) says in reference to Nebuchadnesar – the Babylonian emperor who exile Beneh Yisrael – "Keli Rek" – "an empty utensil." Thus, the word "Bohu" contains a subtle allusion to the Babylonian exile. The Torah then speaks of the darkness that filled all of existence, which the Or Ha’haim understands as an allusion to our current exile, which has lasted for millennia. The Or Ha’haim writes that our exile is described as "dark" because of the suffering our nation has endured at the hands of hostile nations, and because of the Yeser Ha’ra (evil inclination), the sinful lures and temptations which become ever more prevalent and make it especially challenging for us to properly devote ourselves to Hashem.

However, the Torah tells that G-d pronounced that light should shine – and, sure enough, there was light. The Or Ha’haim writes that no matter how dark our exile becomes, no matter how difficult the challenges are, Hashem will eventually proclaim, "Yehi Or" – "Let there be light," and the darkness will give way to the brilliant light of redemption.

When we look around, and consider the state of Am Yisrael in our time, we might feel disheartened and fall into despair. The "darkness" described by the Or Ha’haim has only intensified in the nearly 300 years since he wrote these words. True, we might not face the same kind of persecution as that which the Jews suffered in the past, but the "darkness" wrought by the Yeser Ha’ra is much thicker and drearier than ever before. Technology has given the Yeser Ha’ra power that our ancestors never imagined it having, and so many precious souls have fallen into this trap. In many ways, our exile is darker now than it ever was. Right at the beginning of the Torah, the Or Ha’haim makes a point of giving us the encouragement and optimism that we need, to avoid despair. He assures us that even when darkness fills the earth, G-d will bring the great light of redemption, save us from all the difficulties and struggles that we face, and create for us a new world, one in which we will be able to faithfully serve Him as we are meant to.




Halacha, according to the rulings of Rabbi Obadiah Yosef ZT”L


What does a person gain by putting on tefillin daily?


The reward for fulfilling the Mitzvah of Tefillin is very great, not only one is rewarded for the world to come, but he also sees the reward  in this world and he prolongs his days and years.Whoever puts on a tefillin and wraps himself in a tzitzit and recites the Shema and prays, he is guaranteed  Olam Haba  and all his sins are forgiven.


Who is obligated to observe the Mitzvah of Kibud Av Va’em?


Every person must respect his parents, whether he is a young person or an older person, unlike those who think that this commandment is only for small children.

As far as the mitzvah of the Torah is concerned, it is also a mitzvah for the parents to educate their children while they are still young the respect of father and mother, and it has nothing to do with pride , because it is a mitzvah of the Torah, that the children behave with a great deal of respect and dignity towards their parents. That will also influence them to behave with great respect to others around them.


Bevirkat Shabbat Shalom Umevorach

David Azerad  


3) HOLY JoKeS!!


Selection of funny snippets, loosely related to this weeks parashah, to brighten your day


At first, there was nothing. And then God said, "let there be light".

There was still nothing. But now you could see it more clearly.



Genesis does what Nintendon't
16-bit graphics.

blast processing.




Going outta business


Where does baseball appear in the Bible?

In the Big Inning.



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