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M A Weekly - END OF HANUKAH EDITON Bulletin Dec 4 2021 - MIKETZ- 30 KISLEV 5782

12/03/2021 02:05:36 AM




Friday Night

Minha-Arbit - Shir Hashirim - 3:55p @ Chevra
Candle Lighting: 3:54p


Shabbat Day
Shaharit - Minyan: 9am @ Spanish

Minha - Seuda Shlishit: 3:45p @ Chevra
Havdalah (end of shabbat): 5:01p


Sunday Morning
Shaharit - 8am @ Chevra



To Michael Sidel 

on his Birthday


To Henry Romano
on his Birthday (English and Hebrew)


To Carole Cohen
on her Birthday




Moshe Ben Salha z'L
Father of Zion Totah 



Albert Mourad Arazi z'L
Father of Marc and Solly Arazi



Joyce Azouri z'L
Sister of

Victor, Edmond, Daniel  Guindi


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Table of contents

1) Hanukah Party @ the Spanish

2) Hannukah Schedule

3) Thoughts on Hanukkah - Rabbi Kaprow
4) Halakhat Hashavoua - David Azerad

5) Holy Jokes!


1) Hanukah Party @ the Spanish


The Spanish and Portuguese is having a Hanukkah party for young families on Dec 5th from 4-6pm at the Antebi Hall. More information can be found here


2) Hanukkah Schedule


  • Chanukah: 6 Candles: before 3:53pm on Friday, Dec 3 (must be done before Shabbat Candle lighting)
  • Shabbat Candle lighting: 3:53pm on Friday, Dec 3
  • Chanukah: 7 Candles: After 5:01pm on Saturday, Dec 4 (must be done after Havdalah)
  • Chanukah: 8 Candles4:45 pm on Sunday, Dec 5

3) Thoughts on Hanukkah


-What is the uniqueness of the fifth day of hanukkah?


Hanukkah has 8 days and nights. The fifth night is an important night because it's the first night where the majority of the candles are lit. With five candles shining out of the eight branches. This is the ultimate message of Hanukkah, making the light override the dark and making every day a little brighter!


--The darkest of nights you will see the light shine its brightest !


We see this concept strongly. The fifth day of Chanukah can never occur on a Shabbat. When Chanukah occurs on days that are even only potentially Shabbat days, the light of Chanukah combines with the light of Shabbat for a powerful illumination. So the fifth night, which can never be Shabbat, represents great darkness relative to the other nights. Thus, the fifth light of Chanukah has the unique task and power to illuminate and instill spirituality even in times of such darkness.


Similarly, it is the duty of every Jew, wherever he may find himself to illuminate even the heaviest darkness, wherever he may be found.


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Kaprow


If any member has a question or in need of assistance feel free to contact Rabbi Kaprow at




Selected & translated by David Azerad, Hazzan Maghen Abraham


The laws of Hanukkah according to the rulings of Maran Harav Obadiah Yosef z”tl

If a candle of the Hanukkiah extinguishes – Can we light it again?

If after lighting the candles someone opened the door inadvertently, and the wind blew and extinguished one of the candles, or even extinguished all the candles, there is no need to go back and light them again. However, if one wants to light them again he should be careful not to light it from one of  the candles in the Hanukkiah, but rather from a new match or the Shamash candle. All of the above is on the condition that the Hanukkiah was placed where there was no wind at the time when the Hanukkiah was lit and that the candles were worthy of being lit for half an hour.

 If, however, the Hanukkiah is placed where the wind blows, such as near an open window or outside without any cover, and extinguishes after a short time, since the candles could not have been lit for half an hour in the wind, it’s as if he did not put enough oil. At this point he must light it again at a place where there is no wind and he will not recite the blessings.The same is true if he intentionally extinguished the candles within the first half hour, he must return and light them, but will not recite the blessings.

Do women recite the Hallel on Hanukkah?

Our Sages ordered the recitation of Halel on all eight days of Hanukkah, because of the daily  miracle that happened  with the Menorah that was in the Temple.On Hanukkah we recite the full Hallel with the Beracha ending……L’Igmor Et Hahallel.

Women are exempt from reciting the Hallel on Hanukkah similar to the exemption of  all other Holidays  .However should they want to recite they can but will not say the blessings        

Ashkenaz women however usually say the blessings on Mitzvot that are time sensitive such as Netilat Lulav and sitting in the Sukkah etc… preferably shall not recite the blessings for the Hallel.

The prayer of Arvit or Hanukkah candle - which comes first?

Anyone who arrives home late at night on the days of Hanukkah, and before him is the Mitzvah of Arvit prayer and the Mitzvah  of lighting a Hanukkah candle, He should proceed with the payer of Arvit . Moreover,Tefilat Arvit is a Torah ruling “Deorayeta’ as opposed to Hanukkah candles that  are Rabinic law "D’erabanan"   

Bevirkat Shabbat Shalom Umevorach

Chodesh Tov 

Hag Urim Sameach                                        


5) HOLY JoKeS!!


Why did the policeman go to the Lebanese restaurant? He was following up reports of a possible hummus side !!!



Hanukka Jokes 


Ella goes to the post office to buy stamps (she was hoping for funny stamps) for her Hanukkah cards and she says to the cashier, "Can I have 50 Hanukkah stamps?"

The cashier asks, "What denomination?"

"Oy vey, has it come to this?" Ella asks. "OK, give me three Orthodox, ten Conservative, and twenty Reform."


Levi was thinking about life and asked God how much a penny was worth in heaven because he was always told "A penny for your thoughts."

God said, "One million dollars."
Levi asked if time was the same. It wasn't.
Levi asked, "How long is a minute?"
God said, "A million years."
Levi thought about it and said, "God, can I have a penny?"
God said, "Sure, in a minute."


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